Een huis kopen als ondernemer of zzp-er: dit moet je weten!

Buying a house as a business owner or self-employed person: here’s what you need to know!

Even as a self-employed person or entrepreneur, you naturally want the opportunity to buy a house!

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have employees. You will go through roughly the same steps as someone who is employed, and you will need to provide almost the same documents. For an entrepreneur with employees, the financial health of the company is also taken into account.

Getting a mortgage as an entrepreneur

When you, as an entrepreneur, are buying a house, it works essentially the same way as it does for someone who is employed.

You start by searching, attending various viewings, making an offer, and eventually securing a mortgage where your mortgage advisor can assist you in following the right steps and providing valuable guidance.

Since you don’t have an employer’s statement as an entrepreneur, your net profit for the past three years is taken into account. An average of your net profit is then considered to calculate the maximum mortgage amount.

Have you earned less in the last year than the average? Then this last amount is taken as the income benchmark for the maximum mortgage.

Difference between being an entrepreneur or being in employment

In the past, entrepreneurs or self-employed individuals sometimes used to qualify for a lower maximum mortgage compared to someone in employment. By offering a lower mortgage, the lender reduces their risk in case you have lower or no income.

But fortunately, that is no longer the case now. Even if you have your own business, you can borrow 100% of the property value. Of course, this varies by provider and depends on your personal situation, but your mortgage advisor can thoroughly research this for you.

So, as an entrepreneur, you now have nearly the same opportunities as someone in employment.

What exactly do you need to provide?

To apply for a mortgage as an entrepreneur or self-employed individual, you need to provide quite a few documents.

These documents are necessary to create a clear picture of your financial situation so that the mortgage provider can calculate your maximum mortgage. They also serve as proof that you can afford the mortgage. For example, think of the following documents:

  • The income tax returns for the past three years;
  • The annual financial statements for the past three years;
  • Year-end statements and payslips, if you have been employed in the past three years;
  • An overview of your assets (savings accounts, investments, and checking accounts);
  • An overview of your monthly other personal income (such as allowances or benefits);
  • een overzicht van je maandelijkse vaste lasten (zoals verzekeringen of je bedrijfsauto).

Getting a mortgage as a new entrepreneur or self-employed individual

Of course, it’s also possible that you don’t have financial statements for the past three years because your business hasn’t been in operation for that long. Even then, you can usually apply for a mortgage.

Of course, the possibilities can vary depending on the mortgage provider. Some lenders may not consider you, while others assess it on a case-by-case basis.

Either way, you will need to provide additional information, such as an income statement or a forecast prepared by an accountant. And Noble Mortgages will do everything to make it happen for you, one way or another!

Can I, as an entrepreneur, get a mortgage with the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG)? (G)arantie afsluiten?

It may be interesting for you as an entrepreneur or self-employed person to take out a mortgage with National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). This provides you with some security because NHG can take over any residual debt.

In principle, you can already take out a mortgage with NHG if you have been active as an entrepreneur for at least one year. Of course, you must meet certain conditions.

You must, in any case, provide an income statement that includes your income, and this document must be prepared by an independent party.

If you have recently started your own business and were employed before that, your income for assessment is a combination of your salary in employment and the income from your business.

Getting disability insurance?

Finally, with buying a house comes a great responsibility: paying the mortgage. At its core, a mortgage is a loan with your house as collateral.

If you can no longer afford the mortgage, the mortgage provider can sell your home through a forced auction. Of course, you wouldn’t want that, which is why it can be a good idea to take out disability insurance.

Because if you become disabled, you can no longer work. And as an entrepreneur, that means no income. It’s not a cheap insurance, but it ensures that you still have an income if you are unable to work unexpectedly.

Nobel Mortgages

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